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Corporate Formation, Limited Liability and Partnership Entities (LP, GP, LLC, LLP, LLLC,), Operations and Governance
Ryan attorneys are very experienced at the transactions related to corporate formation and governance. Ryan assists clients throughout the lifecycle of a corporation, LLC or other entity that meets the client's needs for a particular transaction. We assist the client in selecting the appropriate entity, and assist clients with issues that arise in the various stages of the entity lifecycle. Ryan attorneys work with clients to determine the best form of entity for their business, and advise them on how to structure the governing documents to fit their needs. Beginning with an entities formation, we work with our clients to guide them through the strategies, legal requirements, and formalities associated with typical and extraordinary business events, including capitalization, financing, management changes, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and final exit transactions such as a sale of the business or an ownership interest, reorganization, or dissolution. Limited liability companies, S Corporations, and partnerships are often the preferred form of entity for businesses seeking pass-through tax treatment for their owners. Limited Liability Companies, Statutory Close S Corporations and partnerships often have additional advantages permitting their owners to tailor the management, governance, distribution and operating terms of their business, with fewer record-keeping and meeting formalities than corporations.

Professional Business and Entities

The Ryan Lawn Firm assists professionals (often governed by the Business & Professions Code) to and select an appropriate form of business entity for their professional practice taking into consideration the requirements of the licensing agencies that govern their practices, then structure the formation of the professional entity, assist with licensing requirements and issues that arise regarding licensing, and assist with issues arising during the operation of the professional practice, including change in ownership, sales, acquisitions, reorganizations, and dissolutions. Ryan attorney has worked with clients in a variety of professions including medical practitioners, attorneys, accountants, engineers, and architects.

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